50th Anniversary Birthday Bash

The birthday bash was held as planned at Woolston on the River Itchen in Southampton Water. The venue was chosen especially as this was the building place of the Trident 24’s.

We were particularly pleased that the Trident’s designer, Alan Hill and builder, Eric White were able to attend as guests of honour together with their wives.

The weather was incredibly kind to us and over 50 people gathered at the Yacht Tavern for a very cheerful lunch, whilst at the same time three boats were moored at the old shipyard, now used by Lauren Marine for building Hunter Boats. My boat Hannah, Bob Doe’s Lottie, and Parma – a Southerly 28 belonging to Chris and Jill Lock (ex owners of Swallow, but remain keen supporters). During lunch there was great news – another three Tridents had come up river and were berthed at the yard pontoons – Mary Reeve of Hamble crewed by Alan Beattie and Julian Dunicliffe (co-owners), Swallow sailed by the Jackson family, andPanope with Doug Lyon over from Hythe. So we now had five Tridents and the Southerly!

Our Commodore, Lou Milstead Williams gave a short address which was well received. It was great to see both him and Margaret, especially as he was missing the one race that he hasn’t won yet in Trident (No1). At least that is what he says! Incidentally thanks for the tie Lou. When I was an apprentice Lou was on my first ship way back in 1968 – he got a tie and I didn’t.

The enthusiasm shown for the Trident was so infectious and a common comment overheard was “I never thought about doing it that way. What a good idea!” Everybody seems to put their own slant on so many little things especially within the accommodation.

Enthusiasts seem to have travelled in from many different areas of the UK but Dave Edwards the owner of Vagabond must get the prize for his effort of flying down from Tyne and Wear in the morning only to return in the evening for work the next day. It was great to see you Dave. Five people also travelled over from Wales.

Later on in the afternoon most of us adjourned to the yard itself where a Trident birthday cake was cut by Alan Hill. A Bar-B-Q in the evening ended an excellent and enjoyable day.

Thanks to everyone who made it – it really was a happy event and one which I would love to repeat.

Happy and safe sailing, let’s hope for a warm summer, but don’t say anything about a bar-b-q one, ’cause we know that doesn’t work!

jackmillerJack Miller, South Coast Representative.

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