SW Laying-Up Lunch 2011

Another successful laying-up lunch was enjoyed this year on 27 November 2011, and with a change in venue to the very pleasant Abbey Inn, Buckfastleigh, Devon.

I had hoped to lure all the usual intrepid long-distance travellers but Marian and David Quantrell were already committed further down in Cornwall and unfortunately Tony Furminger and Pam were unable to make the trip this time.  Still, the dynamic biking duo of Chris and Adrian Tabor did us proud by turning up on their very impressive motorbikes. At least we laid on good weather for them.

It was also great to see John and Dawn Yates for the first time at the lunch (the dastardly plot of setting the venue a bit nearer to them worked). They brought regular sailing crew Tony with them too.  Could it have been Chris’s arrival complete with a spare Vire engine elbow that finally hooked them?

So we ended up with Chris and Adrian, John, Dawn and Tony, David Nuthall and Eleanor, Lynn and myself  and we were really pleased that Ian and Jennifer Purvis were also able to join us at the end of the meal  (straight after attending the AGM of their local sailing club).

Many thanks to all attendees for making it such an enjoyable lunch as always.  And we would be very pleased to see any other members (Soutwest or otherwise) at future events.

Nigel Dyson – SW representative

PS –I will shortly be putting out to Southwest Tridenteers a couple of sailing dates in the summer in an attempt to get at least two Tridents sailing together –maybe even for a weekend –watch this space.

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