Marcon Presentation 2012

Marcon Trophy Presentation 2012


Tony Furminger presents the Marcon Trophy to David Warner – click to enlarge

Tony Furminger (left) presents the Marcon Trophy and Tankard to David Warner

The trophy this year was won by David Warner who sailed Baloo (Trident 135) to Boulogne (read log here). As David and Linda were on baby-sitting duty in Bristol on the day of the AGM, Chris Tabor, myself and my friend Pam took the trophy to Manningtree on the river Stour to present it to David in the Stour Sailing Club. The cruise David made was not without incident, and neither was the trip to Manningtree.

Chris made it alright but Pam and I were stuck on the M25 for two and a half hours due to a bad accident, we arrived an hour late.

Nevertheless, we were all made very welcome at the club with refreshments and drinks (the bar was open). The Stour SC has a splendid club house which overlooks some lovely sailing water. The trophy and a tankard were duly presented to David who had gathered some of the other people who were on the cruise and a pleasant afternoon followed.

Tony Furminger – East Coast rep

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