South West Laying Up Lunch

November 2014

The 2014 TOA SouthWest Laying Up Lunch was held on 30 November at the Honiton Inn Awliscombe, Devon.
My first dilemma was where to hold it when it became apparent that most of the attendees were coming from the East . (Wise Men amongst them perhaps ??) So it seemed sensible to move it from the originally intended venue near Ashburton. It also gave an opportunity for Lynn and me to explore a few pubs and their meals during the re-planning phase !!
Devon weather didn’t let us down so travelling conditions were good and some of us even enjoyed a pleasant sit in the sun waiting for the pub to open.
swlayuplunchNine brave souls attended – TOA Vice president Chris Tabor, TOA Commodore Jon Reed and TOA Treasurer Jean Reed, David and Eleanor Nuthall, Hugh Mitchell, John Whitely, Lynn and myself. We successfully held fort at the dining table until well into the afternoon enjoying a good lunch in the process (although Jean and I are still wondering where some of the crumble ingredients were hiding !!)
There was of course much to discuss, including the latest misadventures of Kestrel and Webfoot, the central point for southern England Trident owners, John and Jean’s European camper van travels, the artistic style of the livestock on the pub mural and the possible present location of Chris’s sailing cap after losing it from Kestrel in Lyme Bay. Eleanor and Lynn were also busy trying to remember what their respective choral groups were singing for Christmas concerts and of course we had the usual smattering of important Trident maintenance tips. It was great to have Hugh Mitchell (Sarah) with us too, and sorry Hugh for initially mis-identifying you!
One of the best aspects for me was that many of the Weymouth Rally team were back together again after that splendid weekend in July.
On a more serious note we were conscious of the absence of John and
Dawn Yates and John’s crew-mate Tony. I do hope you are feeling a bit better John after what has clearly been a miserable autumn for you and hopefully you felt the positive vibes of us raising our glasses to you to aid your recovery.
Sincere thanks to all who attended for making this another really enjoyable meal . I hope you all got home safely.

Nigel Dyson – SW REP

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