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The  TOA Hon Secretary is  Chris Tabor.

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AGM 2021 and the Newsletter

From the Commodore:

The Covid Pandemic is not only making a mess of our plans for sailing, but although we all hope the situation will have improved by the beginning of March,  things are too uncertain for us to hold an AGM this year at the normal time.

We have decided therefore that we will abandon the AGM this year.

The Accounts, and any relevant reports will be published with the next edition of the Newsletter, and any questions or matters arising can be raised then by post or email.

We considered postponing until the summer, and linking it to a rally,  but the situation is so uncertain that we agreed this was not practical.  We also considered a digital AGM using Zoom, or something similar, but that assumes skills and equipment not all of us have!



The AGM last year decided that because of the rapidly growing cost of providing a paper edition of the Newsletter, we would publish it digitally from the beginning of this year.

The Committee have agreed that lockdown is not the time to change our main means of communication, so decided to postpone this change in the interests of ensuring we keep in contact with all our Members during lockdown.

Postal rates have risen sharply this January, but we will subsidise the additional cost until the pandemic dies down, in the interests of keeping in touch.  Beyond next year though if we do not ‘go digital’ we will have to raise the Subs to meet the rising production and postal costs.

Jon Reed
Commodore TOA

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