Anyone seeking a Trident or any gear for their Trident is welcome to advertise here. Send details of your requirements using the form at the bottom of this page.


Triple Keel Trident wanted

Based in Dorset.  Wanted, triple keel Trident 24. No projects.  Proper price paid for proper yacht, thanks Ross  rossw5367@gmail.com

Triple Keeler wanted 

I’m looking for an all GRP Trident 24 triple keel, I’m in the SW but willing to travel.Email art.forms@btinternet.com

Good Triple Keel Trident wanted 

Would prefer a factory finished Trident but this is not a must. I am based in South Wales.
Please contact raasch@doctors.org.uk

Looking for Trident 207 Gwylan

I am looking to try and find my father’s old Trident 24 triple keel Sail Number 207 previously called ‘Gwylan’ – sold about 10 years ago at Falmouth Cornwall after he passed away. Hoping to find the boat and if the current owner is looking to sell her I might be able to buy her? I can be emailed at michaelwilson36ft@gmail.com

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