Trident Owners Manual

owners manualEvery Trident owner joining the association receives a free copy of the 130-page looseleaf Trident Owners Manual.

This contains every practical idea published in the first 20 years of Trident News for maintaining, rigging, sailing and improving the Trident. These pages are also available online (.pdf file) in the members-only section of this website.

The latest edition also includes a list of TOA members and their boats and the rules of the association.

manual page

Page from online manual – click to enlarge

The new online manual: the original hardcopy version is now also being regularly updated to provide a more comprehensive work of reference which aims to become the encyclopaedia of the Trident 24.

This  is now available online  to all TOA members.  It includes the original Trident Owners Manual material plus:

  • more ideas from later editions of Trident News (opens in new window)
  • the full Trident 24 sail plan
  • original construction drawings
  • instructions for completion of the Trident 24 kit
  • original Marcon brochures for the Trident 24
  • the history of the Trident
  • notes on handling and improving performance

See here for the online manual’s Full index

brochure cover

Early Marcon brochures are included in the online manual

TOA members comments on the new online manual:

‘Brilliant! Really easy to use and the information is displayed in a clear and comprehensive way. Fantastic job.’

‘Love this new manual. It will be very useful in my current restoration’

Click here or here to see taster pages of this encyclopaedia of the Trident 24.  Members can log in here to enjoy the full manual.